Why create a dedicated webpage for your plant-based menu?

by | 20 Mar 2023 | Advice

Imagine for a moment… if all the traditional restaurants proposing a vegetarian or plant-based menu had a dedicated webpage on their website. It would undoubtedly assist customers in identifying the offering more clearly and directly, providing them reassurance about the existence of such options in their favorite restaurants.

While vegan or vegetarian customers regularly seek establishments with menus suited to their needs, many restaurants still do not display their vegetarian or plant-based menus on their websites. Yet, this communication platform can precisely be used to highlight the menus.

Hotels and restaurants featuring a vegetarian or plant-based menu would therefore greatly benefit from creating or enhancing a dedicated webpage for this cuisine, for several evident reasons.

A dedicated webpage for the plant-based menu

On the restaurant side, there are several advantages to developing such a webpage :

👉 Showcasing vegetarian and plant-based menus as a new and exciting offering to discover

👉 Highlighting the efforts of local producers

👉 Creating genuine communication around this topic

👉 Sharing this webpage through various communication channels

👉 Improving keyword positioning related to plant-based cuisine on Google

👉 Demonstrating to customers that special attention is given to them

👉 Integrating the topic more concretely in the sustainability engagements

👉 Infusing a sense of modernity by offering digital accessibility

This approach provides a significant boost to enhancing the visibility of initiatives related to sustainable eating practices. It also contributes to developing more purpose-driven communication, which can be seamlessly integrated into your communication strategy.

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Menus readily available online

What would happen to those PDF menus often seen on websites then? These ‘raw’ documents integrated into the website unfortunately do not contribute much to Google ranking, as the critical aspect is to be able to include main keywords within the pages of the site.

Likewise, Facebook pages that serve as websites and present menus through photos posted on the feed are also not relevant. While these visuals inform about the existence of the offering, they do not help in finding the information through a simple web search.

The advantage of a dedicated webpage is to present your plant-based menu, from appetizers to desserts, and contribute to its visibility. Just as you would build a plate by placing the plant-based elements at the forefront, a website should be thoughtfully designed to place this theme at the heart of your approach.

Additionally, let’s consider the customers when seeking a restaurant with a vegan menu. Which restaurant might they come across? How can you elevate your establishment’s visibility in Google searches? What kind of offering would appeal to them? For what reason? And how can you stand out from other restaurants?…

Addressing these questions allows for a contemplation on the visibility you wish to bring to your plant-based offering and how this menu can serve to align with your sustainable development approach while captivating your customers.

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